1.Who is j-suntech.cc, Where are you ?


 J-suntech® was established in 2015, is based in Shenzhen, China, specialized in designing, producing, selling adult sex products. J-suntech® has been an Authorized trademark of the United States, all the product selling from are protected.

At present, The sex dolls in our store are from our private model, or trustable partner manufacture in China, 65cm mini sex doll—175cm sex doll made of TPE or Platinum Silicone, also flat breast sex doll and Huge breast sex doll with free shipment to most countries in the world. In order to satisfy Doll lovers who dream of owning a love doll, we have lowered our prices and our profits to make the dolls more affordable. With professional services, excellent quality, J-suntech® have earned lots of positive feedback. 


Office address:

Room803. huashenghui Commercial Bulding. xixiang .shenzhen china

TEL: +86075529485302  EMAIL: [email protected]


2.Payment terms and business safety assurance?

j-suntech.cc is passed by SSL,SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a standard security technology to ensure that all data passed between the web server and browsers remains private and integral. SSL is an industry standard and is used by millions of websites in the protection of their online transactions with their customers.

The payment safety is the most important topic when we shopping online. to provide best protection for customers, here is our advice for different method of payment customers.

*  Credit card payment. (Note: MasterCard is recommended. We also accept Visa and JCB Card , Your credit card bank will receive a payment request from China company within 24 hours after you order, The amount will be a little more than you order around 5%-8% (Note :Extra part is transnational payment fee and other rate different fee ect. )So please ask your card company to authorize the payment , or the order will be failed.)

and we use the best 3rd party biller,the charge will show up as something discreet on your credit card bill which does not make mention of doll, We also use encrypted HTTPS protocol for complete security while you are browsing our site

*T/T bank transfer.
If you are determined to pay via bank transfer. You can choose the bank transfer way when you check out, then order will be created, after you confirm order ,you will get information about our Banks in Hong Kong and UK .


if you from eurozone country,  send payment to our UK bank account ,other buyers please send payment to our HK bank account.


* Western union. 
This is a quick and convenient and private payment methods for customers,when you  confirm your order , you will receive the western union payee information. then go to western union website and send payment. the advantages of useing western union payments is you can pay with credit card and low fees.


* Bitcion 
This is the most private payment method. if you have a bitcoin wallet.

*Other payment way:

 other local bank transfer(such as MoneyGram, Trustpay, Dotpay, Polipayment, Qiwi,Webmoney, Yamoney, etc) are available, payment before shipment.


3.Why don't you accept PayPal payment?

Paypal is not allowed to be used to buy adult products including sex doll now .Please see our bolg about this question:



4.What will happen after I order?

After your payment has been confirmed you will receive a confirmation email for your order.

For custom-made dolls, we will start to manufacture your item right away. When your order will have shipped, we will update a tracking number on web.

At any time during the ordering process, you can call us or send us an email if you have any question regarding your order. We will be very glad to help you in any way we can!


5.Can I cancel my order before your shipping?

Yes, you can cancel it , but there will be some fee You need to pay refund cost including :sex doll material cost and international payments fees .In order to avoid our losses, please consider carefully before order on our website.

Also serious note: If you want to cancel order, please email us : [email protected] directly for cancel. Or the order can’t be canceled.


6.How is the package? Is there anyone know what I have buy?can i  pickup from express station by myself ?

Don't worry about it , customer privacy is very high focus on our store, Every doll, have one carton package with nothing writing on the box, Nobody will know what inside.  and , you can pickup your goods from express station. when the goods are shipping from our warehouse to your address, as the consignee, you can asking for pickup by youself by shipping tracking number.


7.How is the shipping time? Should I face the custom and pay the tax cost?

We has special line for different countries, more about this questions, you can check our delivery information part. https://www.j-suntech.cc/sex-doll-delivery-information.html

Any more questions contact email:[email protected],


8.If I want to buy a young teen sex doll,is there have any customs problem when my doll pass the customs of my country?

For protect buyer's privacy,we have our warehouse in Hungay、germany、USA、Canada、Russia、Japan、Malaysia、Singapore and china. so... if you from the following countries,congratulations! it will not any customs issues, we will provide local shipping service and ducy free!

North America:

USA 、Canada

 France、Germany. Italy、Spain、Poland、 Bulgaria、 Estonia、 Greece 、

Hungary、 Lithuania、 Latvia、 Romania、 Slovenia、 Slovakia、 Croatia、 Austria. Belgium、 Luxembourg、 Denmark、 

Netherlands 、 Finland、  Ireland、 Portugal、 Sweden、 Czech Republic 、Northern Ireland



9.Worrying about my information , can I can remove my account from your web?

Your information is 100% security in our web, if you still don’t want to, you can email:[email protected],, then we can remove the account for you.(customer can’t remove account by themselves.)


10.How can I clear my love doll after using ? Can I put makeup on my doll?

Simply clean the area used with warm water and soap , Absolutely!  Some of our dolls come with a permanent makeup but you can add your own makeup over it

If more questions contact :email:[email protected], or chat online. thank you 



11.How to order sex doll from j-suntech.cc?

First, you need to register as our member before your order, after registration  you will get a confirmation email.

After register, here is some pictures tell you how to order it online:


*After you get to the link of the sex doll you like, there are available options on the right below side of the pictures.

Customizing skin colors, hair type, eyes color, nails color, feet type, vagina type. Then Click “add to cart” after you choose the options. And then go to “Shopping cart” on the Upper right corner.


*After come to you cart, then confirm the doll details , if everything ok, click ”Checkout”.


* If you are new coming, please join us by Register Account, and click the ” Continue”


*There will be a list that need your information all. And please remember to make a agree of the FAQ and click ”Continue”.

After this, Then you will go into the link of confirm your billing details, Delivery details, Delivery method, payment method.
--Billing details, please leave the address . But,normally without bill unless you request it 
--Delivery details, please leave exactly the right address, telephone, zip code of destination city.


*Then you will need to choose the payment method, we support Credit card and Bank Transfer. Western Union and other local bank transfer.

The website will switch automatically if you choose payment via Bank transfer..
If you choose T/T bank transfer, the bank info will be showed, you can make a bank transfer of the amount to this account, and send the bank slip to our customer service email so that we can confirm your order asap.


*Finally , check your dolls details again, and quantity and total cost, if all ok, then ”Confirm order” then you will get directly to the Bank transfer or others.

Any questions you can talk me online, if not available , then email me at :[email protected].


“J-suntech” is protected by US government trademark Reg.NO.5026972 Powered By www.j-suntech.net © 2015-2019 .