Delivery Information


Free Shipping On All Doll Worldwide:


*Custom made-to-order and delivered to your door in an average of 3-6 Weeks, though exceptions may apply.


*Dolls are shipped from our warehouse close to you via UPS or Fedex express and duty-free. the price is including shipping cost.


*We ship the doll as the address you leave when you check out. 


* If you want to pick up the doll in UPS store, that will need you contact the local UPS for that when the doll arrived your Country.


*Your doll will be delivered directly to your doorstep discreetly packaged in a plain unmarked cardboard box.



For European customers' :



We ship the doll directly to our Europe warehouse,(We do custom clear and tax prepaied) after your order arrived warehouse, our QC will recheck the package for sure everything are ok. Then we call UPS for shipping to destination. After UPS pick up your package, The total shipping time is around 15 days, and tracking information will show 10-15days later after shipping.

One more thing, when your doll arrived your country ,UPS will call you before they shipping your "package"(no body know what is inside) to your home , then you can talk with them for the suitable time.

If there is any clearance problem, Our company will take all the responsibility(Refund customer) and nothing to do with buyers .
Suit for following Countries :UK (Only for big size doll)、France、Germany, Italy、Spain、Poland、 Bulgaria、 Estonia、 Greece 、Hungary、 Lithuania、 Latvia、 Romania、 Slovenia、 Slovakia、 Croatia、 Austria Belgium、 Luxembourg、 Denmark、 Netherlands 、 Finland、  Ireland、 Portugal、 Sweden、 Czech Republic 、Northern IrelandRussia Ukraine.


UK Switzerland 、AustraliaNorway( can ship under 140cm and young face doll ,details contact Smile at [email protected] ).



For USA and Canada customer:


For USA and Canada customers, we have warehouse in USA and Canada, All the custom are prepaied and custom clear included,so dont worry about the shipping.

The total shipping time is around 12-18 days, and tracking information will show 10-15days later after shipping.

Big size doll, we will use Fedex or UPS for shipping, that will be no tax to paid also.


For Asia customers:


we also have warehouse in Japan Malaysia and Singapore.


More special countries : If your address is in the following countries. In accordance with the laws of the products can be smoothly  customs clearance. only need pay customs fees. so before you order. Please consult the customs requirements clearly. because you need do customs clean and pay fees by yourself. but we can safe shipping to your country by UPS express.or EMS.

1\Brazil, Peru 

(only accept order dolls under 130cm. because EMS transport limits the weight and size of the package)

Any other country or region that has not been mentioned. please consider the risks of transportation and customs clearance before order ! If you want to buy . please specify the transport channel or transport by youself . we will not assume the transport risk.. thank you .

2\ Autralia and New Zealand 

Many people from Australia and New Zealand asked us if I could buy this doll. Can you transport it to me safely? Do I need to pay tax? How much do I have to pay?

Over the past Four years, we have shipped hundreds of dolls to Australia and New Zealand, and we have found that their customs are very exclusive of Young sex dolls.

So here is some note need to take care:


  1、 The size of the doll you are going to buy must exceed 140cm and with big breast(Not Small breast or flat chested)

  2、 It can't be a child's face.

  3、 The name on the Shipping Invoice can be "silicone model", but it must be Same as the real price that you pay .


If you can accept these requirements, Congratulations, you can have Your favorite sex doll. 


About sex dolls transport 

We transport your goods through UPS or Fedex and expect to arrive at your customs in 4-6 days.

When the doll ship out ,The sale will contact you to email you the shipping invoice , and will contact you for Customs duties.


It takes about 4-10 days to pay the tax, so it takes about 10-15 days from the start of the transportation to the receipt of your dolls.


Custom Fees are Pre-Paid


*For International shipments outside of the USA, customs taxes are pre-paid with the shipping fee with the exception of Switzerland/Norway/Australia /New Zealand (also All Package over 60kg) must be shipped via FedEx or UPS, so customs taxes are not pre-paid and are the responsibility of the buyer.

For the country beyond range listed above, please kindly inquiry our sales and confirm the shipping before placing order .

If you want to see any questions  contact me :[email protected]



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